A buffet is a fantastic way to feed large numbers of people and caters for a range of different tastes. Choosing the right dishes next to one another can make for an incredibly colourful display of mouth watering cuisine. As a rough guide please choose 3 items from each menu below to create your £20 per head buffet 

Menu 1

Leafy green salad with pine nuts and asparagus // Grated beetroot balsamic slaw

Greek salad // Tabbouleh // Cajun potato salad // Butter bean and cashew dip

Fine beans, mangetout and spinach with orange zest and roasted almond flakes

Eastern slaw with fennel and horseradish // Mexican wild rice salad // Roasted butternut and puy lentils

Spiced, roasted butternut and chickpeas with curly kale // Red cabbage with mint and feta


Menu 2

Griddled ciabatta with balsamic and oils // Mediterranean roasted vegetables

Creamy dauphinoise potatoes // Cumin roasted carrots with honey lemon dressing and goats cheese

Beef tomatoes with chilli, garlic and ginger // Potato and parsnip latkes

Roasted butternut with tahini and zaatar // Gigantes plaki (greek butter bean dish with tomatoes)

Charred cherry tomatoes in yogurt drizzled with oils and cumin seeds 

Menu 3

Falafel stuffed portobello mushrooms // Gourmet homemade sausage rolls

Roasted tomato, pesto and goats cheese tart // Pan fried salmon fillets // Tandoori chicken skewers

Anti-pasti platter // Lamb and feta meatballs // Egyptian stuffed flatbreads // Coronation chicken

Pulled pork shoulder // Chicken Shawarma board