After what has been a seriously long time we have finally purchased our Marquee, which seemed an appropriate juncture to start up our blog.

Over the past 6 months we have probably looked at around 200 Marquees online, going to see at least 25 of those in person. We have come close to buying on a few occasions, been shafted by competitors and seen some examples that have made us want to give up on the hunt altogether.

It seems that holding out has worked in our favour now as we have found a man from Kent who has built the necessary relationship with an Indian tent company to assure a good quality product being shipped over to the UK. His yearly purchase consists of 2 brand new traditional tents, of which we have taken one. 

Impressive central poles hold up a white canvas roof decorated with Golden Indian motif, framed with beautiful wooden bamboo side poles and white canvas sides.

With chairs and tables sorted we are now well on our way to having the full setup for our Wedding.  The next steps will be to build a dance floor, a bar, the photo booth, up-lighters, wooden chandeliers and seating for outside. We will keep you updated on each of these developments, detailing techniques for each to hopefully assist with your own attempted DIY Weddings.