The various different techniques considered for the dance floor build were put on the table and we confidently strode in what felt to be the right direction. This involved squares of plywood solidified with poles of 2x2 and joined together by a selection of holes and wooden widgets. We dished out a bit of cash on the materials and picked up a biscuit cutter for the joins. 

Several hours of sweating it out in the sun and we had 35 squares of wood all joining together fairly well, bar a few gaps here and there. A roll of laminate wood effect flooring over the top would surely sort that. While this did the trick it was hardly the dance floor of dreams; In order for the squares of wood to fit together neatly the ground surface had to be absolutely flat, and the process of joining them all together was akin to stubbornly attempting to wedge puzzle pieces into the wrong places.

Technique 2 was considered and dashed in favour of working the original dance floor pieces into something neater and less tiresome to put together. With much joy we managed to permanently join larger sections of the dance floor together, abandoning our original widget technique for something more sturdy, and filling in all the gaps with expandable sealant. The slightly unattractive roll of laminate was out, and in came neat squares of Parquet style, tougher laminate. 

Our now complete 3m x 4m dance floor is the business, very sturdy (and a little heavy) due to the intricate web of somewhat unnecessary small wooden squares, but works a treat. My initial intention for this post was to provide you with the skills and knowhow to build your own dance floor should you need to, but I think for your own sanity I will instead send you to the page we probably should have followed in the first place:


Happy building!


Carole got in touch with us to organise a Wedding party for her son Alex and his Fiancee. They were to have their full wedding out in Australia where they now reside so the task was ours to put on their return party. They required a tent and seating for 50 guests and full catering for the party in the form of a selection of canapés, a buffet spread and finally desserts and coffee. 

Size wise we had limited space to work with and so went with the smaller white tent complete with our Moroccan linings, Coconut matting and home made parquet dance floor for the early hours of the morning. Throw in the tables, chivari chairs, a few plants and our Goan purchased overhead lights and we had ourselves a party. With all set up in very rainy and windy conditions a couple of days before now we needed to get cracking on food. 

A full 14 hours in on the Friday and we were just about ready with all of our prep, ready for an early start on the Wedding day to put together final elements for the canapés, marinade salads and reheat food for the buffet. With a kitchen full of family and steadily arriving wedding guests we had our work cut out for us and just about got everything together in time for service.

Food wise we started with Pea puree and parmesan on sourdough, beetroot hummus, goats cheese and dill croutards, and halloumi and spinach naan bites amongst other things. With guests happily filled on nibbles and prosecco, the rush to produce 12 different buffet dishes began. 40 minutes later we presented a table lined with a south Indian mushroom and paneer curry, a tabbouleh, Mexican street food salad, roasted and stuffed butternut squash, coronation chicken, lebanese platter, persian kuku and 2 quiches. Sweating it out in the kitchen, we moved on to prepping for desserts while everyone got stuck into the meals, finishing off chocolate cake, white chocolate and raspberry brownies, cupcakes, profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce and a red velvet cake.

After starting the day at 8am we eventually finished clearing all plates and serving bowls around 10pm, enjoying what felt like a well earned beer. All in all the day went really well with everyone at the party seemingly happy with the food and setup. We left to continue the after event shenanigans, leaving the younger generation to a night of dancefloor action.

Many thanks to Alex, Jo, Pete and Carole for having us and here's to many happy years back in Oz!


After what has been a seriously long time we have finally purchased our Marquee, which seemed an appropriate juncture to start up our blog.

Over the past 6 months we have probably looked at around 200 Marquees online, going to see at least 25 of those in person. We have come close to buying on a few occasions, been shafted by competitors and seen some examples that have made us want to give up on the hunt altogether.

It seems that holding out has worked in our favour now as we have found a man from Kent who has built the necessary relationship with an Indian tent company to assure a good quality product being shipped over to the UK. His yearly purchase consists of 2 brand new traditional tents, of which we have taken one. 

Impressive central poles hold up a white canvas roof decorated with Golden Indian motif, framed with beautiful wooden bamboo side poles and white canvas sides.

With chairs and tables sorted we are now well on our way to having the full setup for our Wedding.  The next steps will be to build a dance floor, a bar, the photo booth, up-lighters, wooden chandeliers and seating for outside. We will keep you updated on each of these developments, detailing techniques for each to hopefully assist with your own attempted DIY Weddings.